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Tips for students

About GSoC

Before applying, take care to read GSoC FAQ, the advice for students page and take notice of the timeline.

Be also aware that participation to GSoC is a real involvement and a full time job. You’ll have to work roughly 36 hours per week during the 3 months of the program.

That being said we are flexible but we expect you to make up for the missing time and respect the milestones.

We also expect you to respect some rules :

- be present on our IRC chan during day work

- push your code publicly at least once a (working) day (using Git and Github). If sometimes you find yourself unable to do as said, you’ll have to contact your mentor.

- “meet” (by chat for example) once a week with your mentor and send after a meeting report to the concerned people (mentors and administrators).

And don’t hesitate to contact us on mailing list if you want to ask specific questions and get in touch with our community.

About our Tools

Versioning : Git / GitHub

Build : Scons

Continuous integration : Jenkins

Languages : C++ / Python

Application template

Apply through the Google Summer of Code 2013 webpage, using the following template:

Personal Information

- First/ Last Name

- University / Field of study / Prepared Degree (start - end)

- Homepage / blog / online CV

- Contact information : email, telephone, address

- Describe yourself and your different interests to allow us to know you better

Coding skills

- Languages

- Operating systems

- Experience with build and version control systems


Please give here some references supporting your skills (link to a dev discussion or thread, link to a demo app, link to some piece of code, your github account,...).

To share some piece of code, you can use Gist or Pastie.

Project proposal

- Title

- Abstract (short description)

- Detailed description

- Timeline (be sure to include some time for test and documentation)

- Additional Information

- Availability

- Work hours per week

- Other commitments between May and August 2013