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TuttleOFX 0.1.0

posted May 25, 2012, 2:45 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jun 4, 2012, 8:41 AM ]
2012 - may - 28

Release Note
  • Improvements
    • Sam
      • [Tools] sam do, test and fixes to use Sapphire plugins (filters and generators work)
      • [Tools] sam diff, new tool to compare images easily
      • [Tools] sam viewer, new tool to open a viewer directly
      • [Tools] improve sam do ergonomy
      • [Help] improve command line help, add examples and an option to see hidden parameters
      • [Options] rename options to improve coherency between sam tools
    • Plugins
      • [Convert] add Component and BitDepth plugins to do channels and bit depth conversions
      • [Process] Ocio.LUT, a new look up table plugin based on OpenColorIO library
  • Resolved bugs
    • Plugins
      • [Reader] Sequences with holes are not handled
      • [Reader/Writer] Unwanted image flips when reading/writing
      • [EXR] EXR reader may give black images
      • [Reader/Writer] Tif to jpg/j2k give white or black images
      • [DPX] Tuttle can't generate 10 bits DPX
  • Dev
    • [Test] add unit tests for IOs (see IO capabilities)
    • [Refactoring] move plugins' algorithm in Terry
  • Documentation
    • Website refactoring

Deployable plugins
  • IO :
    • DPX, EXR, ImageMagick, JPG, Jpeg2000, OpenImageIO, PNG
  • Process :
    • BitDepth, Component, Crop, CTL, Flip, Gamma, Invert, Normalize, Ocio.Lut, Pinning, Print, Resize, Text

What's coming next
  • Resolution of "down bitdepth conversions lead to clamping problems in writers" issue
  • Integration of a more effective sequence parsing library (which is already used in Duke)
  • A first version of OpenColorIO ColorSpace node (don't handle dynamic change of config file)
  • More tested and validated plugins

See Bugs and features for more informations.