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TuttleOFX 0.3.0

posted Jul 26, 2012, 8:42 AM by Unknown user   [ updated Jul 26, 2012, 9:23 AM ]
2012 - july - 26

Release Note
  • Improvements
    • Plugins
      • [IO] Turbojpeg reader/writer to encode and decode more quickly JPEG images #21
      • [IO] Raw reader plugins based on DCRaw / libRaw #22
      • [Geometry] a swscale node based on libSWScale. This plugin is more efficient than tuttle.resize node but, for now, it's limitated to grey8, grey16, rgb8, rgb16 and rgba8 (it won't work in Nuke for example, use it with sam do). #36
  • Resolved bugs
    • Plugins
      • [FFmpeg] More and more fixes. It's now possible to generate prores or DNxHD mov (for example). #23 #24 #25 #32
      • [IO] Error when writing a lot of DPX (file handle leak) #42
  • Dev
    • [Test] more unit tests for host and plugins

Deployable plugins
  • IO :
    • DPX, EXR, FFmpeg, ImageMagick (reader), Jpeg, Jpeg2000, OpenImageIO, PNG, Raw (reader), Turbojpeg
  • Process : 
    • BitDepth, Component, Crop, CTL, Flip, Gamma, Invert, LensDistort, Normalize, Ocio.Lut, Ocio.Colorspace, Pinning, Print, Resize, SWScale, Text

What's coming next
  • Support of FFmpeg presets (will allow to set up parameters that are currently not exposed by the API)
  • Integration of a more effective sequence parsing library (which is already used in Duke)
  • More validated plugins (ColorGradation, Filters and Math)