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TuttleOFX 0.7.0

posted Jun 13, 2013, 5:32 AM by Unknown user

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Closed Issues 

Build on Windows 7 64 bits prio:criticalscope:build
Add a quiet option scope:hostprio:critical
RoD in tuttle host scope:plugintype:bugprio:critical
Add fonctionnality to burn Timecode in text scope:plugintype:featureprio:major 
Remove FFMpeg dependency, only use LibAV scope:pluginscope:iotype:featureprio:minor
FFMpegWriter: set framerate scope:pluginprio:major 
Push Pixel : remove useless log scope:plugintype:bugprio:critical
Using boost log to manage verbose levels scope:pluginscope:samtype:featurescope:hostprio:major
ColorSuppress: removing failed on negative values scope:plugintype:bugprio:critical
fps should be a double and not an integer scope:plugintype:bugscope:hostprio:critical
Add --first and --last option in sam do scope:samtype:featureprio:major
scons doesn't check for numpy type:bugscope:hostprio:criticalscope:build
Build on Macos type:bugprio:majorscope:build
PAR propagation type:bugscope:hostprio:critical 
Continuous Integration - Linux type:featureprio:blockerscope:build 

Released Plugins

AnisotropicDiffusion-1.1 ColorTransfer-2.0 Exr-1.0 LocalMaxima-1.0 PushPixel-1.2
AudioVideo-3.0 ColorWheel-2.0 Flip-1.0 MathOperator-1.0 Ramp-2.0
BitDepth-1.0 Component-1.0 FloodFill-1.0 MemoryBuffer-1.0 Raw-1.0
Blur-1.0 Constant-2.0 Gamma-1.0 Merge-1.0 Resize-1.0
Checkerboard-2.0 Crop-1.1 ImageMagick-1.0 NlmDenoiser-1.2 Sobel-1.0
ColorBars-2.0 CTL-1.0 ImageStatistics-1.0 Normalize-1.0 Text-2.0
ColorCube-2.0 Deinterlace-1.0 Invert-1.0 OCIO-1.0 Thinning-1.0
ColorGradation-1.0 Diff-1.0 Jpeg-1.0 OpenImageIO-1.0 TimeShift-1.0
ColorSuppress-1.2 Dpx-1.0 Jpeg2000-1.5 Pinning-1.0 TurboJpeg-1.0
ColorSuppress-2.0 Dummy-1.0 LensDistort-2.2 Png-1.0 Viewer-1.0

More information about theses plugins.

What's coming next
  • CI machines for MacOSx
  • Add sound support in FFmpeg plugin
  • -- pass option for sam
  • Export correct mipmap