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Manipulate OpenFX plugins

Here is the list of OpenFX plugins available inside the TuttleOFX project.
Sorted by categories, each plugin presentation provides examples of using on some OpenFX hosts.

  • IO - readers and writers nodes to manage conversions between a large number of formats / codecs.
  • Generator - nodes to generate basic inputs (checkerboard, bars, wheel...), images based on procedural geometry, or burn text on images.
  • Process - nodes to process mathematics operations on color or geometry of images.
  • Display - nodes to view images as a color cube, an histogram, or in a simple GL view port.
  • Analysis - nodes to analyse (luminosity, channel values, Kurtosis, Skewness...) and compare images (psnr...).
  • Debug - tool to display information about the host and all OpenFX plugins available.